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  • Do you wonder why your bills continue to go up even though inflation supposedly isn’t?
  • Would you like to know of a simple solution that would end traffic deaths?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the state of education?
  • Are you concerned about the environment?
  • Do you find yourself competing for a job against someone in a foreign country?
  • Do you ever wonder why some drugs are legal and others aren’t?
  • Should you see your tax dollars directly at work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!

Liars & Whores is the story of one man’s journey to decode the political jargon of today and how it’s used to manipulate and even mislead us. From a tender age, when the author’s uncle and mentor offered him some of the pithiest and most sage advice he would ever receive, Ethan Bearman questioned the system. Emerging from his childhood up to his days in the military, when he was told that duct tape cost the army $50 per roll, Ethan Bearman developed his critical thinking skills, which allowed him to see the real world, not the fictionalized ones created by the powers that be. Ethan weaves these personal insights and revelations throughout the book, inviting the reader into the narrative in a compelling, thought-provoking and relevant way that only personal experience can convey.

“This system is broken: politicians whore themselves out for the campaign money or to line their pockets, and big businesses and unions are happy to funnel that money to the politicians for the specific agenda they impose while lying to you about how good it is for you.”

“Taking what big government and big businesses tell you at face value is costing you money and cutting into your pursuit of happiness. It takes only a little work to uncover the facts, and I’m here to show you how.”

“You can have a working understanding of the laws, deals, proposals and propositions that are swirling all around you. You can make sense of the ramifications and you can have a say in what happens moving forward in The United States of America.”


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